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“There are two kinds of perfect people: those that are dead, and those that have not been born yet.” - Chinese proverb

Needle Acupuncture and Other Types of Acupuncture in Gatineau


The acupuncturist uses the needle as a therapeutic tool. He inserts a needle at a specific point, which triggers a series of physiological reactions that result in a beneficial effect on the patient's condition being treated. The introduction of an acupuncture needle is usually painless.


If you have any questions about needle acupuncture, please contact Acupuncture Immumed.



Classical Chinese Medicine

Classical Chinese Medicine is an unbroken continuum of therapeutic knowledge and clinical success which began nearly five thousand years ago. This medical lineage is patient centered, time-tested, non-evasive and therapeutically extremely effective. This is the medicine of choice for millions, if not billions, of patients throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America.


Classical Chinese Medicine or Classical Oriental Medicine is a very hands-on, environmentally friendly medicine which relies on careful observation of the patient, attentive listening to their story and symptoms, gentle palpation of all qualities which have been set aside by conventional medicine. Classical Chinese medicine relies on the following assessment:


  • Tongue

  • Skin color

  • Eyes

  • Nails

  • Hair

  • Gait

  • Face


  • Pulse

  • Abdomen

  • Meridians


  • To patient’s story

  • To patient’s symptoms


Modern Acupuncture

The melding of modern scientific discovery with classical modern acupuncture includes:


For any additional information relating to the different types of acupuncture offered at Acupuncture Immumed in Gatineau, call us without delay!

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