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“He who cheats the earth will be cheated by the earth.” – Chinese proverb

Tools We Use

Below are some of the therapeutic tools used by our acupuncturists at our clinic in Gatineau.

Needles – Read More

  • Superior-quality disposable needles

Lasers – Read More

  • German, French and Canadian lasers certified by Health Canada

Magnets – Read More

  • Various strength gold-plated Japanese magnets

Heat therapy – Read More

  • Classical moxibustion

  • Modern electric moxibustion

  • Infrared heat lamps

Sound therapy

  • High-energy sound waves

Vacuum therapy – Read More

  • Classical cupping modalities

Herbal medicine – Read More

  • Chinese and Western herbal medicine: raw herbs, tablets pills, tinctures

Microcurrent therapy – Read More

  • Analog and computerized microcurrent therapy

Medical Qi Gong – Read More

  • Classical therapeutic Qi Gong

Manipulative medicine – Read More

  • Zheng Gu (Chinese osteopathic medicine)

  • Tuina – Chinese medical massage

Microsystem holographic acupuncture – Read More

  • French auricular medicine

  • German auricular medicine

  • Japanese cranial neurological acupuncture

  • Chinese cranial neurological acupuncture

Gua sha – Read More

  • Chinese manual dermal stimulation therapy

Yang Shen Fa – Read More

  • Chinese naturopathic and lifestyle therapy

Acupuncture Treatments

If you’re seeking quality acupuncture treatments in Gatineau, you have come to the right place.

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