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Know About Your Immune System

“Experience is a comb that life give us after we have lost all our hair”

-Chinese proverb


Our immune system is divided into two subsystems: The Specific immune system and the Nonspecific immune system. The Specific immune system is further divided into the Innate immune system and the Adaptive immune system.

The Innate Immune System

The Innate Immune System has been there since birth and includes such immune organs as our bone marrow, our spleen, our peyer’s patches, our thyroid gland and all our lymphoid tissues including our tonsils and appendix. At a moment’s notice, our innate immune system can mobilize macrophages, neutrophils, killer cells and mast cells to seek out, attack and destroy any invading pathogens.

Artificial Intelligence vs COVID19
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The Adaptive Immune System

The Adaptive Immune System, as the name implies, is constantly adapting to and cataloguing new pathogens that our body encounters. Once catalogued, these pathogens become part of the immune pathogen data bank and should a pathogenic invasion re-occur the pathogen will be immediately recognized and destroyed. 70% of our adaptive immune system is our microbiome, the good bacteria on our skin, in our mucous membranes and in our small and large intestine. Without these bacterial allies, we could not survive as individuals or as a species.

The Nonspecific Immune System

This part of our immune system includes our body fluids: blood, mucous secretions, tears, stomach acids, bile salts, metabolic enzymes; anatomical barriers such as skin and fascia, interferons produced by dendritic cells as well as fever and inflammation.


Our immune system and all of its subsystems are dependent on a healthy lifestyle: a nutritious diet rich in plant foods, restful sleep, optimal digestion, daily evacuation of body wastes and toxins, moderate exercise (preferably in nature) and psycho emotional peace of mind.

Chinese medicine, which includes Acupuncture, Herbal medicines, Moxibustion, Cupping. QiGong, Guasha, Tuina and Zheng Gu are exceptional therapies that have kept the human immune system primed and in top condition for thousands of years. The very name of our clinic, Immumed, reflects our deep commitment to the immune system. 

Immu- Short for Immunity

Med- Medicine

Immumed- Immunity Medicine

 Tuez, supprimez et éliminez le virus Covid19 en le brisant en morceaux
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