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“Knowing others is wisdom;

knowing ourselves is enlightenment.” – Lao Tsu

Laser Acupuncture or Photobiomodulation Therapy in Gatineau

Laser acupuncture, also known as photobiomodulation is a great alternative to classical acupuncture especially for patients who are uneasy with needle acupuncture.

Laser acupuncture, because it is painless, is ideally suited to treat small joints and areas rich in lymphatic tissue. Studies at the University of Graz, Austria have consistently shown that laser acupuncture is as effective therapeutically, if not more effective in many cases, as needle acupuncture. Acupuncture Immumed only uses lasers that are Health Canada approved and those which represent the latest in medical laser technology. Our lasers are state of the art, completely safe with zero side effects and most importantly therapeutically extremely effective. Read more about laser acupuncture here.

The benefits of laser acupuncture include:

Group III

Group II

Group I

The reduction of:


Oedema (swelling)

Formation of scar tissue


An increase in:

The resistance to infection

Collagen formation - it is important for connective tissue, especially tendons and ligaments.

Stem cell production – stem cells are instrumental in regeneration and repair of tissues.

The strengthening of the:

Immune system

Nervous system

Respiratory system

Digestive system

Hormonal system

Reproductive system

Circulatory system

Osteoarticular system

Renal system

Elimination system

Group IV

Group V

The improvement of:

Cellular detox

Nerve conduction

Blood circulation

Lymph circulation

The stimulation of:

Energy production

Stem cell formation

Group VI

The release of:

Endorphins – the body’s a natural pain killer

Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and GABA

Group VII

The activation of:

Blood circulation

Lymphatic circulation

Cellular metabolism

Group VII

The promotion of:

Cellular repair

Nerve conduction

Regeneration of tissues

Healing and repair of varicose ulcers

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